Paw Balm: Quick Training Guide

How to Train your Dog to Enjoy Paw Massages with Puppy Lisa Paw Balm

Introducing our soothing Paw Balm, crafted specifically to pamper your dog's precious paws. We understand that it might initially be challenging for some dogs to get accustomed to the new sensation of a paw massage. However, with patience, gentle coaxing, and the right approach, your furry friend can learn to not only tolerate but enjoy this beneficial routine.

To assist you in this journey, we've put together a quick guide that will provide you with practical, step-by-step instructions to train your dog to enjoy their paw massage. Our commitment is to enhance your pet's comfort and wellness, creating moments of shared joy and care.

Discover the benefits of our Paw Balm and let's embark on this journey together.


Quick Training Guide


Keep treats nearby

Introduce the paw balm to your dog with some treats in hand.

Hold the paw balm and reward your dog for being calm and patient.

Once your dog is relaxed, gently remove the lid of the paw balm and show it to them.



Apply thin layer of balm

Apply a thin layer of balm to your dog's paw pads.

Gently rub in the balm until fully absorbed.

Use as often as necessary for best results.

Can also be used on nose, or any dry areas as needed.



Celebrate with treats!

After applying the Paw Balm, reward your dog with a treat and praise them for good behavior!

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How often should I apply Puppy Lisa Paw Balm?

The frequency of application depends on your dog's needs and the environmental conditions they are exposed to. In general, you can apply the balm as needed to maintain paw health and comfort. For dogs with particularly dry or cracked paws, more frequent applications may be necessary.

Can my dog lick their paws after applying the Paw Balm?

Yes, it is safe to lick. However, it is best to discourage your dog from licking their paws after application to ensure maximum effectiveness. The product contains Rosemary and Lavender Oil, which adds a mildly bitter taste, helping discourage licking.

Is Puppy Lisa Paw Balm safe for my dog?

Yes! Our Paw Balm is made with natural ingredients and is vegan and cruelty-free. It is formulated to be safe and gentle for your dog. However, if your dog has any known allergies or sensitivities, please review the ingredients list prior to use.

Why would a dog need a Paw Balm?

Dogs' paws can be affected by harsh surfaces, extreme temperatures, salt, and other external elements that may cause dryness, excessive cracking, and discomfort. Puppy Lisa Paw Balm helps recovery and provides a protective layer, helping to keep paws healthy and comfortable.

Where are Puppy Lisa products made?

Puppy Lisa products are made with love in the United States, ensuring high quality and adherence to strict safety standards.

If you didn't find the answer to your question in our FAQ, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. We're always here to help and ensure you have the best possible experience with Puppy Lisa products.