Skin Care

Introducing our Skin Care Collection, crafted to nourish and protect your dog's delicate skin. This range includes our soothing Paw Balm for moisturized paws, and our Skin Soother & Moisturizer to rejuvenate and hydrate their skin. Give your pup the gentle, natural care they deserve with Puppy Lisa's Skin Care essentials.

Coat Care

Discover our Coat Care Collection, designed to keep your pup's fur healthy and radiant. This selection features our Waterless Shampoo for hassle-free cleaning, Detangling Spray to easily manage knots, and Deodorizer Spray to ensure lasting freshness. Pamper your furry friend with Puppy Lisa's natural grooming solutions.


Explore our Wellness Collection, designed to keep your pup's eyes and ears clean and healthy. This collection features our gentle Eye Wipes for removing dirt and debris, and our effective Ear Wipes to maintain hygiene and prevent infections. Ensure your dog's well-being with Puppy Lisa's natural and safe wellness solutions.


Introducing our "Treats" collection, featuring our all-natural Chicken & Oat Training Treats, sourced and made right here in the US. Puppy Lisa is committed to providing wholesome, high-quality treats that help make grooming a breeze. Our Chicken & Oat Training Treats are the perfect tool for teaching your dog to enjoy being groomed with our range of Puppy Lisa products. Delight your pup with these tasty rewards while ensuring a positive grooming experience for both you and your furry friend. Explore our Treats collection and discover the Puppy Lisa difference!